A new feature is included on Instagram, a voice message can be sent as WhatsApp.

A new feature is included on Instagram, a voice message can be sent as WhatsApp.

Instagram comes with a new feature for its users. Based on this new feature of Instagram, users can send a voice message on Instagram to their friends and family members just like WhatsApp.

Let us tell you that this new feature of Instagram has been introduced for Android and IOS users and by taking advantage of this, users will have to update their Instagram app first.

Instagram has confirmed an official tweet that users will now be able to send a direct voice message based on this app. For now, whenever you go to your chat option, you will see a mic icon.

Users can record their voice message by pressing the icon long. If a user feels that there is a mess in the recording of a voice message, then he can also cancel this message by swiping it left.

One of the important features of the new Voice Message feature of Instagram is that users can unseand any voice message sent by them. For this, the users will have to press long messages sent by their voices. There will be an option for unsigned voice messages upon doing this.

Let us tell you that Instagram and WhatsApp are the rights to be owned by Facebook, and as far as the voice message is concerned, this feature is the most widely used worldwide in India. Facebook has also added this feature to Instagram on the surface of WhatsApp to increase its revenue so that it can increase user base and people also use Instagram for voice messaging.

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