Adopt the tricks, your smartphone will be charging quickly

Adopt the tricks, your smartphone will be charging quickly
If you use a smartphone for a longer period of time, you may have to charge it intermittently. Companies are constantly working to increase the battery backup power of smartphones. For this, the company is using hardware that consumes less battery. Apart from this, fast charging options are also being provided. Apart from this we are going to tell you some tricks that your phone will be charged fast.

Turn on the flight mode of the smartphone while charging the phone. Doing so will not have a network in the phone. Originally, the network continues to go away, which means that the battery remains on weekdays charging and the smartphone has to be kept in charging for a long time. Now when charging the smartphone in a charging then put it on a fly mode and then leave the fly mode when the phone is charged.

Turn off your phone while charging, if possible. Doing this will charge the battery faster. Most people keep using the phone after charging it, which makes it much time to charge the battery.

In most of the Android devices, the charge mode developer option is given. First of all, you have opted out of this option. Then go to the phone’s settings and tap on the phone, then go to Build Number. Now tap 7 times soon there. Here you will find the option of the developer, you can get the option of select USB Configuration on tapping on it. Tapping on it will get a lot of options, tap ‘Charging’, this will cause your phone to be charging faster than before.
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