After the Gir Forest, this place will be the home of the Asiatic lions.

After the Gir Forest, this place will be the home of the Asiatic lions.

Porbandar: As the only living forest of Asiatic lion in Asia is linked to Gir’s dalamata, the Barda forest is being developed as an alternative to Asiatic lion for the protection of this rare animal of Gujarat and India in the coming times. In the coming days, the brittle forest will emerge as a viable alternative to the Gir forest for the Gir lions. Currently, two lions have been planted and are being cultivated in the Barda forest on an experimental basis.

Since 1979, Barda’s forest was declared as a sanctuary by the government, as the forest of the Baroda area near the same natural climate, like the Gir forest of Saurashtra, could be an option for the Gir Forest. And in this sanctuary, the Gir lions had the purpose of arranging an alternative residence. Therefore, there was a need to develop chitale deer on the basis of the need for lion’s food.

Chital deer from the Shankarbag zoo of Junagadh was freed for lion feeding in the forest of Burda and since then there was a sunny rain for the lions to live in the forest of Burda. But later, the move to move the lions to the forest of Madhya Pradesh was started. Eventually, in 2015, the lions of Gir have got green cover, and the lions have been inhabited here. And in the future, the more Asiatic lines will be established here and the Jungle will be installed as an efficient alternative to the Gir Forest.

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