At the age of 18, the girl’s account will be credited to 1 crore, know this plan.

At the age of 18, the girl’s account will be credited to 1 crore, know this plan.

Most parents say that they go by putting more money for their children. However, it requires good planning. We are asking you to plan that, in the name of your daughter, one crore rupee fund can be created in 18 years. According to the expert, if a mutual fund is invested in the birth of the girl’s birth, then in 18 years, the amount of one crore rupees can be prepared by the step-up plan.

This is a step-by-step investment plan
Directors of one company have said that investment in a fixed-rate scheme is increased every year in the step-up investment plan. If there is a 10% step-up investment plan, then the investment amount is to be increased by 10% every year. If this plan is going to be invested in 1000 rupees per month, and this 10% is a step-by-step investment plan, then the next 10 years will increase this investment to Rs 1100. In next year, the investment of Rs 1100 will be increased to Rs 1210.

How will the daughter millionaires in 18 years?
Start a new investment of 5500 rupees in a good equity mutual fund only after the birth of a daughter. Then increase this investment by 10% every year. The best way to do this is to start a one-year SIP in the mutual fund. The benefit of this will be that one year SIP is started in the fund every year by raising the amount to increase the investment. If you run such investments for 18 years, then a fund of Rs one crore will be ready for the daughter. According to SEBI, financial advisor can calculate future value by calculating calculation of a 15% return in Equity Mutual Fund.

Plan of inspection at a glance
Starting from Rs. 5500 a month, investing
10% increase in the investment every year
Continue this plan for 18 years
15% return on this investment
Fund will be ready for Rs 1 crore

Which fund is giving good returns?

5 year return of scheme
Reliance Small Cap Fund 37.0%
Can Robeco Equity Fund 32.9%
DSP Small Cap Fund 32.3%
Mira Emerging Bluechip Fund 32.0%
L & T Midcap Fund 30.5%

Equity mutual funds get good returns in the long run. 5 years return of above mutual fund schemes is above 30%.

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