Headlines for SBI account holders: Bank made big change, give special facility.

Headlines for SBI account holders: Bank made big change, give special facility.
State Bank of India has given great relief to millions of account holders. Now, for depositing more than 50,000 cash, you will not have to pay a copy of the leaf or give details. Besides, if any other person is depositing cash in the account holder’s account and is not a page, then the cash will be deposited by supporting the account number.

However, it is very important for the account to be in any branch of the SBI and the account holder’s KYC. In this regard, SBI has issued notices to bank branches. There are more than 12 lakh account holders of SBI in the city.

In the weekend late last week, the directive from SBI’s retail retail and digital backing said that at the present time, the depositor has to deposit his PAN in the copy bank for depositing 50 thousand rupees. Form 60 had to be deposited on page no. Then the cash was deposited.

Now this system has been transformed. Cash can now be deposited without PAN and Farm 60. However, it is necessary to complete every KVICE. Sources said that it has been found that all people come to the bank to deposit more than 50,000 cache but do not bring them with PAN or they do not have PAN. After that, for the form 60, the concerned account holder is harassed. The new arrangements have been made to look at them.

Sources said that SBI has done a big step in the process of depositing third party cash. In the new system, the account will serve as a leaf. This will facilitate the people who make cash transactions. If you forget the number of pages, they will not get any problems, the cash will be deposited on the same day.
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Paytm lenders offer today’s benefits, get Patrol certified cashback of 7500.

Paytm lenders offer today’s benefits, get Patrol certified cashback of 7500.
We are always thinking about the cost of petrol and diesel, when this price will be reduced. However, petrol and diesel prices are rising rather than cheaper. Petrol and diesel prices are revised every day.

However, Paytm has come up with an offer for its customers. If you go anywhere and pay the money from Paytm while paying a petrol and you are happy to get all the cash cashback ..?

Recently, Paytm introduced a major cashback offer. In which petrol-diesel loader is given a large amount of cashback. This cashback is worth up to 7500.
The offer started on August 1
The offer started by Paytm is effective from 1 August 2018. In order to pay petrol payment up to January 31, 2019, the customer is eligible to get a cashback of up to 7500. The advantage of this offer is available on most petrol pumps. According to this offer, it is compulsory to have at least Rs.

Benefit on one payment in the day
Cashback benefits are only available once a day. The person can take advantage of this offer only once a day. According to the terms of Paytm, cashback will arrive in your Paytm wallet within 48 hours of your transaction.

Rs. How to get cashback till 7,500 ..
At the petrol pump, when paying a petrol, you will get a flat cashback of Rs10, flat cashback of Rs.50 on the electricity bill, it is mandatory to use the Paytm payment bank. Similarly, for the second time, a discount of Rs 100 will be given on the film ticket. On the third transaction, you get Rs. 350 cashback. On the fourth transaction, a flat cashback of 25 rupees is available for DT recharge.

1350 cashback on every 10 transactions
On the fifth transaction, if a person purchases a movie ticket, 200 cashback, then a sixth transaction will benefit from 25 flat. With this, the 10th transaction is subject to a cashback of 1350 rupees.

31 January 2019 will offer this
Customers can take advantage of the offer made by Paytm from 1 August on 31 January 2019.
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Find out how many are in the PF account by sending Missed Call-SMS to this number.

Find out how many are in the PF account by sending Missed Call-SMS to this number.
The amount of provident fund is a large part of the earnings. The provident fund’s accounts are deposited every month in the salaries of some salaried people. But there is a lot of questions in people’s mind about PF. Such as what month the PF has deposited in the account. How much is the company deposited in the PF and how much is the total amount of PF currently? Now you can easily find all this information through phone.

Now you can get all the information about your PF account on mobile by just giving a missed call. EPFO has issued this (011-22901406) number. In which you will have to give a missed call to this number from a registered mobile number. Call this number, the phone will be cut off after a few rings, and in the next seconds, all the information about the account will reach your phone using the message.

You can also check PF balance using SMS without a missed call. For this, the EPFO ​​has issued the number. For this, the registered mobile number will be sent to 7738299899. As soon as you SMS, the EPFO ​​will provide your PF contribution and balance information.

The way to send SMS is quite simple. For this you need to write ‘EPFOHO UAN’ to 7738299899. This feature is available in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bangla.

If you want to send a message in English, then you will have to type EPFOHO UAN ENG. The last 3 word (ENG) means the language, if you put these 3 words, you will know about the balance in English. If you drop the code of Hindi (HIN) you will get information in Hindi. To be sure that you do not have to send your UAN number instead of UAN. Just put the UAN down.

According to the EPFO ​​rule, the information will be provided to the employee through a phone call or message, whose UAN number will be active. With this, if your UAN number is tied to any of your bank accounts, figures and PAN cards. You can take all your information and your account information.

Not only this, you will also notify KYC of this new facility other than the contribution of Balance and PF. The Central Labor and Employment Ministry has given this information.
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Follow this simple STEPS update online or offline to support cards.

Follow this simple STEPS update online or offline to support cards.
The government has decided to levy PAN and support leakage. But before linking the PAN with the support, make sure that your information is updated in the base. If your support data is not updated or PAN card’s Initials support is not the same, then you may have to face many difficulties.

At the time of filing ITR, there is no waiting for PAN entries in the match?

It is necessary for all citizens to specify support number and PAN number in the ITR form from the government. In addition, all PAN card holders need to provide a support number. Although many people are facing difficulty in support and leaking the PAN.

If you are facing difficulties such as wrong name, father’s name or birth date, then you can correct the error by going to UIDAI’s websbyte. You can download the support update form and you can also go to the support service center.

To do this please update the support:

You can update the information by going to the nearest enrollment center. For this you need to take a support card with a self-hosted ID proof. The name and birth date should be mentioned as the PAN in the ID profiles you take. Using an online portal, you will need to update the person’s name, gender, birth date, address, mobile number and email id. These updates can be checked by going to UIDAI. A new change can be done by placing a request number that will be your new enrollment ID. Support information can be updated in 7-10 working days on Enrollment Center.

Use the online or offline mode application:

With the help of online media, upload the documents you need to change all documents, such as name, date of birth, or change of address. However, no need to update the mobile number or email ID or any document in the event of change.

These updates can also be done offline.
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Good news You can now travel to America only in 27000.

Good news You can now travel to America only in 27000.
Air travel from Delhi to North America can now cost Rs 13,499. Iceland’s low rental aviation company plans to make a similar trip. The company has decided to start a five-day direct flight between Reykjavik, Delhi Capital and Iceland on December 7.

There will be four categories.
Air CEO and founder announced this. He said that the sophisticated A330 Neo Aircraft will fly better and less fuel for this long-haul flight. There are four categories of Vo Basic, Vo Plus Vo Camphi and Vo Premium. In this, Vo Premium is priced at Rs 13,499, while V Premium costs Rs. 46,599 will be held.

Direct flights to these cities will be available.
They say that Reykjavik is associated with many important cities in North America and Europe. Now there will be an excellent option for North American cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore and many other places.

Mogenson says that India is a huge country. About 20,000 people fly from North America to this day. So, they have decided to start a direct service on this route.
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If you are sitting at home, do this small work for SBI, every month the bank will give you 12 thousand rupees.

If you are sitting at home, do this small work for SBI, every month the bank will give you 12 thousand rupees.

 SBI is giving you this opportunity. The Social Worker SBI Foundation has come up with an internship program of 12,000 rupees for the work done for you.

The name of this program is Research intern. Applicants will get an opportunity to work on a project in the field of employment, disability and social research.

If you are interested in research and social work then you can apply for this internship. The last date for applying is May 15, 2018. Let us tell you the remaining details of SBI’s internship program

Work in Mumbai will work:
The destination will be Nariman Point of Mumbai for this internship. That is, you have to work on the project right there.

How many days of internship:
Internships will be of 2 months and for this you will get 12,000 rupees per month. That is, you will get a stipend of Rs. 24,000 for the entire internship.

What will work
During the internship, research interns will have to work on content such as content and data analysis, research or policy work, policy analysis and interpretation, statistics, identifying right and wrong systems, preparation of reports etc.
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Now, starting with just Rs 66, this online business can start.

Now, starting with just Rs 66, this online business can start.
If you think of starting your business but you can not do anything because you need a lot of money to start a business and you do not have your business due to this
Internet desk If you think of starting your business but you can not do anything because you need a lot of money to start a business and you can not do your business due to this, but now there is a good news for you. Now you can start your business online by putting just Rs 66 and know what you have to do for it.

First of all, you should be aware of the internet world to do this business. Also, you should be active users on the social site. If you have this, then you can earn millions of rupees. This is helping you in the work of Singapore’s shopping company, all of which Will help open up your online store. And he will apply for this work for all the month-long rent, which is now being mentioned as 66 rupees.

With the help of this, you will get fines for homemakers, students, and small businessmen, and with the help of the company, you can compete with e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclouds, Snapdead, and you can open your account on Shopmatic website https: You can visit //goshopmatic.com/sg/. It is being said that with the help of this, it will be very important to do business and also to promote digital lane.
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Earnings will be 5-10 lakhs, with the opportunity of business with Amul.

Earnings will be 5-10 lakhs, with the opportunity of business with Amul.

If you are thinking of doing business and want to make big money every month in small investments, this news will make you happy. There is an opportunity to do business with the famous dairy company Amul. Amul’s franchisee levy can prove to be a win-win deal. It is very easy to take Amul’s franchise. However it is very important to know about it. There is no need of experience in this business, but marketing should be knowledgeable.

Why is business with Amul easy?
It is very easy to do business with Amul. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the customer base and second city fit on every location. Customer Bases are very strong in every city of Amul. People know their products by name. Also, it has its reach in smaller cities too. That is why there is no harm in taking Amul’s franchise.

How much will I invest?
Amul is offering two types of franchisees. If you want to take a franchise of Amul Outlet, Amul Railway Parlor or Amul Kiosk, then you have to invest around Rs 2 lakh. It includes 25,000 rupees as non refundable brand security, Rs 1 lakh on renovation, 75 thousand rupees on equipments. You will find more information on the franchise page.

5 lakh rupees investment in second franchisee
If you want to run the Amul ice-cream scooping parlor and plan for its franchise, then its investment is a little higher. You have to invest Rs 5 lakh to get it. It includes Rs 50,000 in brand security, Rs 4 lakh in renovation, Rs 1.50 lakh in investment.

Click here for more information related to the franchises

How much will earn
According to Amul, franchisee medium can sell 5 to 10 lakh rupees per month. However this also depends on the place. On the Amul outlet, the company gives commission on the minimum selling price of Amul product (MRP). It gets 2.5% on one milk bag, 10% on milk products and 20% on ice cream. Taking the franchisee of Amul Ice-cream Scooping Parlor, a 50% commission is available on preschool based ice cream, shake, pizza, sandwich, hot chocolate drink. On the other hand, 20% on pre-packed ice-cream and 10% commission on the Amul product.

What is the franchise’s take-over?
If you take an Amul outlet, then you have 150 square feet of space. If this is the place, then Amul will give you a franchise. On the other hand, there should be at least 300 square feet of land for the franchisee of Amul Ice-cream Parlor. Amul will not offer franchise in lesser space than that.
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Now Google will help in finding a job, this special service launched in India.

Now Google will help in finding a job, this special service launched in India.
Google has started a special type of service for people looking for jobs on Tuesday. This service started in Google last year in the US. Google’s goal through Google for a job feature is to make search easier for job seekers.

For this, you have to find the job you want in the Google App or Google Chrome browser and then you will be given a list. Job Search will have complete information about Job Job. If you do not have time, you can save the job and then apply it. The biggest feature of Google Job Search is that you get a location-based results

Get information about Job Vacancies in Google Job Search for the last day, last 3 days, last week and last month. Apart from this, you will also find information related to industry-based and recruitment around you.
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Thinking about going for a summer. Go to this place of Gujarat.

Thinking about going for a summer. Go to this place of Gujarat.
The children make a plan to return to school only after vacation in school. Some people prefer going to North India with summer heat, while some people do not have adequate budget, they take their child to various places in Gujarat. But today we are going to tell you for a place in Gujarat where you will not need to go to Kashmir or Shimla, to Manali. You can visit the place of Gujarat in the heat.

If you are thinking of traveling, you can definitely visit Junagadh city of Gujarat. Every year millions of tourists come in. There are good places to be there again. Today we are going to tell you what is going on in Junagadh.

There are Buddhist caves of about 3rd century on the Dharagadh road of Junagadh. Which is known as Khapra Kodi’s cave. The cave from the bus stand is 1.7 km away.
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The country’s largest bank State Bank of India has launched an app called SBI YONO. Through this app you can open your own digital account in SBI. The special thing is that with the availability of all the bank facilities to open the account, you will get 5 lakh rupees for the tragedy, for which you do not have to pay any fees. Not only this, when you open a digital account, you will also get special offers and discounts from companies such as Amazon, Uber. If so, know about the benefits of a digital account on SBI YONO.

Who can open account?

This account can only open up to 18 years of age people who have citizenship of India. Only one digital savings bank account can be opened on a mobile number and email id.

Account opening terms:

1. Support and Pan Card are required to open SBI Yono account.

2. You can manage this account only. However, going to the branch can change it to a joint account.

3. For this you have to change the account to a regular savings account.

4. It is necessary to give the name of the nominee in this account.

5. Whoever selects any SBI branch at the time of account opening will become your home branch.

6. You will have to go to any branch of SBI for support biometric verification.

Which feature will you get?

1. Get accident insurance up to Rs 5 lakh for free.

2. After opening the account you will get special Platinum Debit Card for free.

3. There will be a maintenance charge of 200 rupees annually for the debit card. If you keep an amount of Rs 25000 on average for three months in the account, you will not have to pay maintenance.

4. With Platinum Debit Card, you can withdraw up to Rs 1000 from ATM.

5. You can order a 10-page check book anytime. It will have to pay 10 rupees per check.

6. There will also be an account statement on your email.

Loan and shopping facility:

1. On this platform you will also find facilities like SBI Life, SBI General, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Caps and SBI Cards.

2. You can apply for home loan and auto loan through the app.

3. Along with this, shopping on 14 platforms of lifestyle segments will be available on this platform.

4. Bank has partnership with 600 e-commerce companies. Where to buy you will get special offers and discounts.

5. The major e-commerce partners include Amazon, Uber, Ola, Mintara, Jabong, Shoppers Stop, Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook, Travel and others.

How to open an account:

1. Install the YONO App of SBI from the Play Store.

2. After logging in to the app, click on ‘Open New Digital Account’ and select ‘Digital Savings Account’ option.

3. After clicking on ‘Appoint Now’ click on ‘Next New’ and click on ‘Next’ option.

4. Then fill up the support and PAN card details and go to the next page. Where to provide your mobile number and email id If there is a referral code then let it be thrown too.

5. Finally click on the ‘Submit’ button for the privacy policy. Your account is open.
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The fiscal year is about to complete, according to the budget provisions of this year, many new prices will change in the new fiscal year beginning on April 1. Learn what things will save you and what items will increase.

Television and Smartphones:

Due to increasing customs duty, mobile and television items will be damaged. Meanwhile, the most important part of the TV panel has been reduced to 10% of the announced 10% duty in the open market to 5%. This can get some relief.

Cigarettes and Pan masala:

The prices of cigarettes, cigarette litter, pan masala, cigars etc. will also increase from April 1.

Railway e-ticket:

The government has announced to reduce service tax on railway e-tickets in the budget. On-line ticket booking will be cheaper by April 1st.

PoS machine will be cheaper:

The government is trying to promote online transactions. Point-of-sale machines from April 1 will be cheaper.

From shoes to glasses …

The price of leather footwear, leather products, perfumes, after shave, deodorants, room fresheners, smart watch footwear and sunglasses will increase.

This thing will be cheaper.

Mobile charger, RO, country-made diamond, life-saving drugs, salt, milk, LED, HIV medicines and silver foil will be available.
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Can you imagine that a 6 year old child earns 71 crores a year? A child named Ryan earns $ 71 million annually by YouTube.

You will have many skills but you wait for a big platform to present it. There are many platforms like YouTube, where you can show talent. In return, you can earn money!

Sites such as YouTube have emerged as a new platform for such people. Ryan reviews toys on YouTube every week. On YouTube, Ryan plays a review channel named Toys Review.

This channel is very popular. By this, Ryan takes viewers into the toy world. Ryan Toys Review, which started in March 2015, has more than 10 million subscribers today.

If you have any kind of art like Ryan, do not think of dance, music, art, toy and gadget reviews, then put it against the world by a video platform like YouTube. Maybe you might be a YouTube star like Ryan in the future
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