SBI-JIO is a tax partnership, consumers get the benefit.

SBI-JIO is a tax partnership, consumers get the benefit.
After the GO payments bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and Reliance Jio have increased their partnership. Geo Payments Bank and SBI have finalized this important deal for digital banking, commerce and financial services. This service will be provided by the digital banking app YONO (you only need one) launched by SBI, which will help the country’s largest bank to increase the number of digital subscribers.

SBI YONO is Om’s channel platform, which provides customers with digital banking, commerce and financial superstore services. Let us tell you that both are already a partner in payment bank venture. Geo payments bank, along with Indian State Bank and Geo, has been created, in which Geo has 70% partnership and the remaining 30% belongs to the Indian State Bank. However, even after more than 2 years of receipt of license has not started.

YONO’s digital banking facilities will be made better for customers through the MyJio platform. “We are excited to partner with Geo, both are beneficial for all sectors, and this will improve the digital service for SBI customers,” said the chairman of State Bank of India. Let us tell you that many facilities like SBI YONO have a digital saving account Is there.

Geo-Prime benefits for Geo and SBI customers Geo Prime will offer a big deal at Reliance Retail, Geo and other partner brands. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said, “SBI has a lot of users, digital services are committed to using their network to meet the requirements of Geo and SBI users.”

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Reliance will get big hits, only 501 rupees for new geo phones.

Reliance will get big hits, only 501 rupees for new geo phones.
Reliance Jio announced a major announcement in its AGM that Reliance Geo Phone users will soon receive a new Geo phone and its name will be Geo Phone 2. For Gio phone 2 the asteroid will have to give Rs 501 and return the old phone. The company named it Geo Phone Monsoon Hanga.

Geo also said that Geo Phone users will get the gift of Youtube, Facebook and WhatsApp Ads in the world for a short time. During the event, Geo said that WhatsApp App will be released for a short time in the phone.

Speaking of the features of the Geo Phone 2, it will get big key board, 4G support, 2.4 inch display, 2000mAh battery, 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage which can be increased to 128GB.

The phone has a 2MP rear and 0.3MP front camera. The phone will be sold from August 15, 2018 and will cost Rs 2,999 but the phone can be purchased by giving back the Geo phone to 500 rupees.

In addition, the Geo phone will get VOLTE and VOWI-FI i.e. voice over Wi-Fi. Apart from this, phones will also have features such as FM, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC.
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Jio Best Offer Must Read.

Jio Best Offer Must Read.

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Reliance Gio’s new launch, will give 1TB data free.

Reliance Gio’s new launch, will give 1TB data free.
After being summoned by Geo-owned telecom sector, owned by Mukesh Ambani, he is pausing towards broadband. The company wants to run its broadband internet world through its geofiber service.

The company has started offering high-speed fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband connection with 1.1TB Free Data in the country’s preferred market. The speed of the data is 100 Mbps. The company will make commercial opening of this service in the second half of this year.

According to the report, initially 100 Gbps speed with 100 Mbps speed in FTTH plan is available. As soon as this data is completed, the customer will be able to recharge 40GB of data for free up to 25 times in a month.

The company will introduce this service to customers both home and commercial. Apart from this, customers will also get the option of Geo Extend to get WiFi coverage everywhere without cable.

Customers will have to pay Rs 4.500 as security for obtaining Geofiber Connection. Also this amount will be reflexible. Presently, the company is making Geofibror available in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Jamnagar.
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Reliance JIO is giving free in 112GB data, know this special offer.

Reliance JIO is giving free in 112GB data, know this special offer.

Reliance JIO comes with any offer to anyone every day. Recently, Geo has introduced a special offer for the IPL 2018, the company has presented another huge offer. Under which customers are getting 112GB data in fees. So for the sake of knowing the variables, for the sake of knowing it,

First of all, let’s tell you that Reliance Jio has named the offer JioPhone match pass. Which is only for geo users. Under this offer, data will be available upto 112 GB, with a limit of 56 days.

First ask your friend to call 1800 890 8900 number which Geo wants to buy the phone. After making a call to this number, your friend will tell your mobile number and then its PIN code. Then your friend will get the address of the nearest shop address from where you can buy a Geo phone.

If a friend purchases a Geo phone by entering your mobile number, you will get 8GB of data in free with a 4 day limit. If your 5th friend buys a Geo phone by entering your mobile number, you will get 24GB of data in free with a 12-day limit.
Besides, 10 JIO phones are bought by your mobile number, total 112GB data will be available and the limit will be 56 days. When your friend purchases a JIO phone, it will get 8 GB of data free and the limit will be 4 days.
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Another feature of the JIO. will be available to consumers in IPL matches.

Another feature of the JIO. will be available to consumers in IPL matches.

Jio does not miss any opportunity to attract its customers. Jio customers get 5G facility during IPL matches in Delhi and Mumbai. Jio has made a special plan to provide this facility to consumers. During the matches, Reliance will set up 4G MIMOs in advance of the stadium. At present, this facility can be found only at the stadium of Delhi and Mumbai.

During the matches in Delhi and Mumbai, the big MIMO unit will be connected to Pre-5G in the Reliance Stadium. Currently, this speed gear is not being available to customers.

There will be a 30 mmHz unit of a large MIMO in the stadium, which works at the stadium with high capacity densitivity up to five times the capacity. It is learned that the stadium will be connected to the different Wiirel Broadband Solutions.

Let us state that this technique is used in Wi Fi, moles. This is the first time in IPL history that such facilities are being provided at the stadium. Airtel has already worked on this technique before Jio.
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There is great news for all Reliance Geo users across the country. Validity of Reliance Jio’s Prime Membership is being completed on March 31, 2018. This service was launched by Geo last February and its last date was 31 March 2017. By giving Rs 99, Geo users can take up to 1 year-end membership of the Prime Service by March 31, 2018. After providing this service, users will get free services for 1 year and are getting offers from time to time, but now the big question is what will happen after the prime membership of the March 31 ends?

Thus, the company has not officially issued any settlement, but it is said that the company can resume the prime membership or increase the validity. It can also happen that non-prime users also give company prime service. Apart from this, the company’s previous record is being said that it can launch a new plan or even update some plans. Let you know that according to a report issued in December, Geo has 160 million users, 80% of which were prime members.
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