The government will give you a huge opportunity to do business, earning at least 25 thousand rupees every month … this work

The government will give you a huge opportunity to do business, earning at least 25 thousand rupees every month..this work…

If you are unemployed and are wandering around looking for a new job, then the government can help you. Yes, sitting with the help of Central Government can easily earn up to 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month.

The most important thing is that you do not even have to go wandering for it and sitting at home you can get a license from the government.

In fact, the Central Government has planned to set up 1.6 lakh new Common Service Centers across the country. You can earn up to 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month by putting a little money here. The specialty of this center will be that you will not need to find a customer, because here people will come to you.

What is CSC: All public services are being simplified through the government’s national e-service. For example, in order to get many government facilities, people have to reduce the circulation of government offices, hence CSC has been started. Through the CSC, the common people can pay public, private and social sectors like Telecom, Agriculture, Health, Education, Entertainment, FMCG Products, Banking, Financial Services, all certificates, applications and bill. Government will provide more than 300 services through the CSC to the public in the coming time.

These things should be open to open the CSC: Now let’s talk about which documents are going to be opened for CSC center if you want to open it. To open CSC, you have 100 to 150 sq. should be in place of feet. Here you have an internet connection with at least one Computer, Printer, Digi camera or webcam, generator, inverter or solar panel. If you have all these things, you do not have to spend money, but if you do not have these things available, then you have to spend money for these things.

How to get the license of CSC: You need to have an Aadhar card in order to obtain the license of the CSC Center. If you have a laptop or mobile internet then you can get your registration done at home.

How to register for CSC license: To get the license of CSC Center, it is most important that you have Aadhar card. After this, you have to go to the website On the right side of the website, you will have to click on ‘Interested to be a CSC’ in the options of Useful links. After this a new page will open and here you will get the option of Click here to Register. Just enter your Aadhar number here and verify via OTP.

Application in offline way: If you want to apply offline, the Gram Panchayat and Nagar Panchayat level committee has been created for which you have to submit your application. After considering your application the committee will license you.
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