Charging will now also be charged up to 5 rupees for WhatsApp messages.

Charging will now also be charged up to 5 rupees for WhatsApp messages.

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp, the owner of Facebook’s most popular app on social media, is going to charge you money soon. Yes, Whatsapp has announced that the cost of sending messages to WhatsApp will be more expensive than the cost of generating text. But do not panic it is not for the common WhatsApp users, but for users who use the WhatsApp App of WhatsApp.

Will Business Will Become Approached by Bizsan App
Last year, WhatSAP started the business app and recently it was launched in India too. Now Whatsapp wants to increase its revenues through this business app. Actually, Whatsapp is experiencing these days of dwindling users and bad revenue growth. Apart from this, Facebook has spent a lot of money on improving privacy security on WhatsAppSpace and removing concerns about social media addiction. Because of this, the company has taken the method of making money through app directly to increase revenue.

Whatsapps will charge premium rates over SMS
On Wednesday, Whatsapp said that the company will start collecting money for sending messages related to marketing and customer service. The price will also be different in different countries. Which can range from 30 paise to 5.8 rupees. Overall, if you are asked to pay WhatsApp, you will get the VAT rate. However, its charge rates have not been announced in India yet.

After 24 hours the charge will be charged
The company announced that from Wednesday, the WhatsApp Business Account Users will be able to use the WhatsApp Business API (Application Program Interface) to send notifications of shipping, appointments, reminders and tickets. Also, let’s tell you that WhatsApp will charge money from the Business Account user, when the user will reply to the customer after 24 hours. Suppose if you are using the Business app and you have used your customer within 24 hours then you will not have to pay any money.

This can have two advantages to the company. One will increase the dependence on users’ WhatsApp on WhatsApp because in order to save money, any business account user will think to respond within 24 hours i.e. queck response. Secondly, if the reply is made after 24 hours then the revenue of the company will increase then it is certain.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp was announced in the month of January this year, through the Whatsapp Business app, the small business account (company) will be able to easily communicate with its customers and WhatsApp will be charged for this business account in the future. Can also announce

Let’s say that WhatsApp has around 1.5 billion active users worldwide and the number of people who use WhatsAppSwap in India is more than 200 million. At the same time, around 2.3 million people are using Bijsan account.
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