Do you use credit cards ?, remember these things.

Do you use credit cards ?, remember these things.

In order to promote the dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India, the public has increased the use of credit / debit cards instead of cash. If you also use credit card now, then these things should be especially careful …

On time Payment:

It is very important for the credit card holders to have good credit scores that they would fill their credit card bill and loan end date before the end date. Credit payments are good at making a payment over time, but when a holder does not live up to his pay time, his score gets worse and there is a problem with taking any kind of loan, as well as filling up a late payment.

Avoid heavy penalties this way:

Credit card companies generate bills every month, with the end date of the payment mentioned. So that the payment of the bill will be made on time till the card holder becomes one. If there is a problem paying the bill for any reason, then at least the zodiac pay should be paid, which can save you from a heavy penalty. However, after the minimum payment, the remaining amount of the company is levied with interest.

Do not allow credit limit to be used:

To avoid using the full credit limit, credit profile can be negative in the long term. If a user completes the limit of credit, then he / she puts break credit in the Hungry category. Generally 40% of the total limit should be used only.

Do not apply for a continuous loan:

This information is important for all credit card holders, who constantly apply for a loan or credit card, the credit score of those people is reduced, so that they should be saved.

Review of Credit Report Review:

Credit card users should periodically review the score of their credit card, which will tell you what is wrong in your report and if something goes wrong, then they can improve it after review.

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