Download in your mobile such as Aadhar Card.

Download in your mobile such as Aadhar Card.

Aadhaar card is known as the official document of all government schemes and as a valid identity document. The base digit of 12 digits is used as proof of identity and address of a person.

After applying for Aadhaar, any person through Enrollment ID (EID), Virtual ID (VID) or Aadhaar number can wait for a non-physical basis, download Aadhar card in your phone or computer very easily. Just have to follow these steps-

First go to the UIDAI website in your phone’s browser. Such a screen will appear in front of you.

2. Select the option you have from EID, VID or Aadhaar number.

3. If you want a regular basis, then click Regular Aadhar, otherwise click on Masked Aadhar. Your base number is not visible in the masked base, so your privacy is safe.

4. Select the EID, VID or Aadhar number, your full name, pin code etc. later on.

5. A captcha code of 5 digits will be given below, fill it correctly.

6. Press the Request OTP button at the bottom. After this there will be an OTP on your registered mobile number.

7. After inserting OTP, press the Download Aadhar button below and just download your base.

The basis for downloading in PDF format is now password protected. When you open the document, you will ask for it. The password will be yours and yours. If your name is and the year of birth, then your password will be.

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