Follow this simple STEPS update online or offline to support cards.

Follow this simple STEPS update online or offline to support cards.
The government has decided to levy PAN and support leakage. But before linking the PAN with the support, make sure that your information is updated in the base. If your support data is not updated or PAN card’s Initials support is not the same, then you may have to face many difficulties.

At the time of filing ITR, there is no waiting for PAN entries in the match?

It is necessary for all citizens to specify support number and PAN number in the ITR form from the government. In addition, all PAN card holders need to provide a support number. Although many people are facing difficulty in support and leaking the PAN.

If you are facing difficulties such as wrong name, father’s name or birth date, then you can correct the error by going to UIDAI’s websbyte. You can download the support update form and you can also go to the support service center.

To do this please update the support:

You can update the information by going to the nearest enrollment center. For this you need to take a support card with a self-hosted ID proof. The name and birth date should be mentioned as the PAN in the ID profiles you take. Using an online portal, you will need to update the person’s name, gender, birth date, address, mobile number and email id. These updates can be checked by going to UIDAI. A new change can be done by placing a request number that will be your new enrollment ID. Support information can be updated in 7-10 working days on Enrollment Center.

Use the online or offline mode application:

With the help of online media, upload the documents you need to change all documents, such as name, date of birth, or change of address. However, no need to update the mobile number or email ID or any document in the event of change.

These updates can also be done offline.
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