Google new App to hit Whatsapp-Facebook.

Google new App to hit Whatsapp-Facebook.
Your daily needs information such as a servant for a job, a milkman, whose information is not on the internet? Where will he get it? Affected friends around you, neighbors just got on the same concept, Google’s new app Neighrali

The information you get in this application is very useful in everyday life. Google has launched NeeBarly App for its next one billion project in 2018. Currently the pilot project is running in Mumbai. So how will you be? Under this application, users can get key information about their local area.

Once downloading this app from the Play Store, you have to agree on Terms and Conditions in which your location is based on GPS. Is tracked by By which you connect with people living in the locality. Just after that, you have to do your inquiry according to your needs. You can also do an Inquiry Voice message and also type. A person living in your locality will be aware of this. Then answer it. If you know anything about it, then your locality can be aware of it. There is also adequate vigilance of users safety in this application.
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