Google will help you find the lost mobile, know how.

Google will help you find the lost mobile, know how.
Often it happens that when we put our hand in the kiosks, we suddenly remember that the phone is missing. At such times we are very upset, but in such situations you do not have to worry about harassment. You can find your phone using Google Maps, with the phone ringtone and delete the dot pum. Learn how ….

First of all, you must have another smartphone or a computer to do this work as well as the Internet connection. Also, you should also know the login gmail ID and password in the lost phone.

Now you go to WWW.MAPS.GOOGLE.CO.IN in another phone or laptop browser. Then login with the Gmail ID in the phone.

After that you have to click on the three most visible dots which appear on the top of the left-hand corner. Then you have to click on the option of YOUR TIMELINE.

After that you will get the option of year, month and day by selecting which you can know where your phone was. You will also see the option of today.

In fact, this feature of Google Map shows your location history and if you have forgotten to put the phone somewhere else, you can find it, but it is difficult to find a stolen phone. Let’s say that it’s important to have a location on this feature to use.
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