Headlines for SBI account holders: Bank made big change, give special facility.

Headlines for SBI account holders: Bank made big change, give special facility.
State Bank of India has given great relief to millions of account holders. Now, for depositing more than 50,000 cash, you will not have to pay a copy of the leaf or give details. Besides, if any other person is depositing cash in the account holder’s account and is not a page, then the cash will be deposited by supporting the account number.

However, it is very important for the account to be in any branch of the SBI and the account holder’s KYC. In this regard, SBI has issued notices to bank branches. There are more than 12 lakh account holders of SBI in the city.

In the weekend late last week, the directive from SBI’s retail retail and digital backing said that at the present time, the depositor has to deposit his PAN in the copy bank for depositing 50 thousand rupees. Form 60 had to be deposited on page no. Then the cash was deposited.

Now this system has been transformed. Cash can now be deposited without PAN and Farm 60. However, it is necessary to complete every KVICE. Sources said that it has been found that all people come to the bank to deposit more than 50,000 cache but do not bring them with PAN or they do not have PAN. After that, for the form 60, the concerned account holder is harassed. The new arrangements have been made to look at them.

Sources said that SBI has done a big step in the process of depositing third party cash. In the new system, the account will serve as a leaf. This will facilitate the people who make cash transactions. If you forget the number of pages, they will not get any problems, the cash will be deposited on the same day.
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