If you do not worry about doing so, you forget that worry is what …

If you do not worry about doing so, you forget that worry is what …
See who he runs away running, the day is over but not working. And this part of the race is anxiety and stress … but do you know the extent to which these worries can be harmful to you? If you remain anxious for long periods of time, it can increase the risk of dementia.

Why does this happen.
Most people keep finding ways to overcome anxiety and stress from their life, but by removing this concern, they become prey of depression and dementia. According to Linda Moye, assistant professor of the University of Toronto, “Nervous activity of the brain affects the long-term anxiety, fear and stress, due to which there is a possibility of mental disorder, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.”
What does the research say.
Researchers say, “In general situations, anxiety and stress is known as the common part of life, but if it persists for a long time and longer, then normal activities of the routine are affected. Long-term problem can be a victim of mental illness. “This research has been published in ‘Current Opinion in Psychiatric’.

What is Dementia
Dementia i.e. dementia is not the name of a single disease but rather the name of the group of symptoms. They can damage the brain and because our body controls our brain, so due to dementia, the person suffering from this can not do their regular work properly. His memory can also be weak. She often forgets in which city she lives or which year or month is going on. Dementia is generally considered to be an old disease, but nowadays, when you have a bad diet, stress and poor lifestyle, you can not say it

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