Jio angry at all the Adult sites of Ban, fired people on social media.

At present, Geo is considered India’s largest network. In just two years, Geo has set up a large network with 25 million subscribers. Due to Geo, the difficulties of other telecom companies have increased. Geo offers the cheapest offers to customers, because of which customers like to use Geo. But this time, Geo has taken such a step so that Geo can face difficulties.

According to media reports, after the order of Uttarakhand High Court, the government has ordered the closure of 827 websites that provide adult content from internet service providers. Along with that, the case of the Adult Site’s Bain has been discussed again. If any company does not take action on the government-issued order, their license will be canceled.

At present, Geo has more than 25 million users and Geo has taken the first step on this order of the government. All sites containing adult content have been banned by Geo on their network. After which people’s anger got over for social media and people talked about changing the company.

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Would like to tell that the Department of Telecommunication has been informed by the Ministry that according to the notice issued on July 31, 2015 of its (Telecom Department), the High Court has issued an order to close 857 websites.

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