Not only this time, smartphone users did not have to win Rs 72 lakhs.

Not only this time, smartphone users did not have to win Rs 72 lakhs.

From day to day, children get bigger than usual, but if you leave the mobile for a while, you can win millions of dollars. Yes, you can win $ 100,000 ($ 71 lakh) by closing your mobile for only 1 year. Coca-Cola’s proprietary brand Vitaminwater has announced a superb concert.

However, under this contest you will have to stop using mobile phones during the year. However, before giving a prize, you will have to give a testator machine test, which will show that you have not violated the rules. Candidates, elected under the ‘School for Free Year’ contest, will be given a one-time phone in 1996 with a cellular plan for one year.

This will get the discount:

If you are worried that you have to leave your work to participate in this contest, then you are wrong. You can continue to use laptop and desktop computers and smart devices powered by Google Home and Amazon Alexa. However, if you want to win the prize money you can not use any smartphone or tablet. You will be given a feature phone to speak on the phone.

Do this entry:

You will have to register till 8 January 2019 to participate in the competition. To enter this, you have to use #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest and write down what you would do if you can not use the phone for one year and post it on twitter and instagram.

Vitamin Water will complete the selection process by January 22 and will give old feature phones. If you want to live a year without a smartphone, then you can choose a time of 6 months to win prize money of $ 10000 (7.2 lakh) in India. But you do not hope to cheat because the prize money will have to win in the live date test.

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