Reliance Jio is giving 600 HD channels a big advantage.

Reliance Jio is giving 600 HD channels a big advantage.
Reliance Jio made its Giga Fiber announcement in the 41st year general meeting, whose registration will begin on August 15. Apart from its broadband service, DTH connections will also be provided. Users will get smart home facility. The company’s DTH connection will be like a set-top box.
Let’s know what the company is giving you the benefit before knowing the registration begins.

The company is also offering a set top box with its fiber broadband. It can be operated by voice commands. Users will also be able to change the channel by voice command. With the help of Broadband, there will be Internet facility on TV, which can also be called by TV.

If you are connecting Reliance Geo’s set-top box to your TV then you can enjoy watching 600 HD channels. This set-top box will be the Leo with Geo Giga Fiber (FTTH Broadband Service). If you believe in the company, then Giga Freiber will be equipped with TV screen Ultra High Definition Entertainment. In addition, users can also take active Voices Active Virtual Assistants, Virtual Reality Gaming and Digital Shopping.

This TV company will be able to protect users’ cameras for 24 hours. Let you know that Giga TV will be home to Wall Wi-Fi coverage in the home, making every device, plug points and switches smart. Apart from this, the Set Top Box will also work in Voice with different languages.
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