Simply download whatsapp states like this.

Simply download whatsapp states like this.

One feature of WhatsApp, ‘WhatsApp Status’ is all the time that people love today. If you go to the status section of WhatsApp, you can see the status of other users. This status will only last for 24 hours. After this, it will be deleted manually. If you find any other user’s WhatsApp Status good and you want to keep them or you want to download, we will show you how to download WhatsApp Status.

What is WhatsApp Status:

Just like you can add a profile picture to Facebook as well as add a status to WhatsApp. This is different from our profile picture. WhatsApp status will show on your profile up to 24 hours after updating. In which you can also add photos, videos and GIFs. You can also add audio and video to WhatsApp States. When you add WhatsApp Status, you will send WhatsApp your status. As people will see your status, you will know who has seen your status. You can see your WhatsApp status and see if some people have seen your status. If you have a good photo, you can also reply to the user.

How To Download WhatsApp Status:

-If you have an Android phone, you can easily download WhatsApp status. If you follow these steps you can download WhatsApp status.

First go to your phone’s My File folder.

Then go to the device storage. Some smartphones will see ‘Category’ and ‘Local 2’ sections. You go to the local section.

– Your Whatsapp Folder will be found in Drive storage,

-Click on the media name folder in the Whatsapp folder,

In the Media folder, you go to More Settings.

Here you will find an hidden file option, which you have turned on.

-When you have a folder named Statuses in the WhatsApp folder.

The status of this folder will be downloaded.

-The image and video will remain in this folder for 24 hours.

If you want to keep these images and videos for a long time, copy it to the WhatsApp Image Folder.

If you find any of the user’s WhatsApp statues can be downloaded in this way.
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