This amazing feature of Google Maps found by Android users.

This amazing feature of Google Maps found by Android users.

Google Maps is used worldwide. The company continues to include new features – new features to give its users more flexibility. Under this, whenever Android users share their location, they will share their phone’s battery level. According to the report, the battery sharing feature has been for a long time, but this feature was not visible to everyone. Also, this feature was not yet able to show the correct level of battery.

This new feature of Google Maps will not be of any special use for Android users who do not use the location sharing feature. This new feature is great for people who use Google Maps’s Location Sharing feature because they can track the battery status of the other person’s phone.

Let us know that Google Maps in India is working with Central Housing and Urban Ministry. Together with the Ministry, they will also provide information about accessible toilets in different cities in Google Maps. They feature Real Time Bus in Google Maps. This feature has so far been implemented in two cities: Surat and Kolkata. The company also said that it is preparing to bring this feature to other cities.
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