This Chinese company is set to provide free internet worldwide.

This Chinese company is set to provide free internet worldwide.

Chinese company LinkSure Network has introduced a new satellite to provide free Wi-Fi service across the globe. The company said its first satellite will be launched next year at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center located in the Gusu province of China and plans to send 10 more satellites to the spacecraft by the year 2020. On the other hand, the company’s target is to launch such 272 satellites by 2026.

Investments of Rs 3,000 crore:
The company’s CEO Wong Jinging said that the company will invest Rs 3,000 crore to make the scheme a success. However, they believed that after the success of this plan, more money could be made in the coming days.
Easily connect to the smartphone:
According to the report, the Wi-Fi network coming from space can easily connect people to their smartphones. Not only that, this network will also reach areas where telecom networks are difficult to reach.

Let us tell you that in the same year SpaceX has found a green signal to send 7,000 StarLink satellite to space, and SpaceX will send 1600 satellites sending space to the earth from space to space in the next few years. Let us tell you that according to a report, even more than 300 crore people in the world are far from reaching the Internet service.

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