WhatsApp launches new feature for users, enjoy chatting with fun videos.

WhatsApp launches new feature for users, enjoy chatting with fun videos.

There is a good news for the users of WhatsApp. In the latest update of the messaging app, Whatsapp has developed a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode for its Android app. That means users can now use this cool feature of WhatsApp. PIP mode was made in iOS earlier this year. This feature of WhatsApp has been in beta mode for more than two months. WhatsApp beta users were supported in October this year.

PIP modes for Android users will be using the PlayStore, with the WhatsApp Stable version 2.18.380. Using this new feature, using WhatsApp, you can also watch videos from Android users chat. That is, if a user is chatting, the user will be able to watch the video and also be chatting if there is a video link.

Currently this feature is for upcoming videos from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. As any user links to any of these social media platforms, the feature will become active. As the user clicks on this link, the video will start playing in PIP mode, in which the user does not have to leave the chat.

WhatsApp is ready to bring new features soon for its users. These features include dark mode, contact sharing using QR code, multi-share file. The upcoming dark mode in WhatsApp will be like the dark mode in other platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter. WhatsApp has recently launched a new button for group video calls for iPhone users.

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